Facebook is without any doubt the biggest social media network we can talk about. Being a big part of people’s lives, they stay concerned about it in many ways. From the world of Facebook Hacking and Phishing, today we are about to introduce you to Facebook Password Sniper.

Well, the title seems quite tempting since about half of the stay into stuff such as finding tricks so that they can hack the Facebook passwords. For this there are many tricks, however, not all of them work. For those who are familiar with the phishing tools, it is the time to move one step ahead.

Facebook Password Sniper 2018 is a hacking tool which is used to hack Facebook passwords in quite an advanced way. This is unlike the normal phishing tools where you simply use the baits to hack account password. The technique which you use here is the Rainbow Tables technique.

This is going to be a long guide since before moving on to the main procedure, we will take you through the stuff such as the introduction to the Rainbow Tables method, its history, and how it is being used in this technique.

Still, not many people know about this technique since it is still a secret. However, now it is getting out and while being tested and proven to work, Facebook Sniper is also getting its wider recognition.

Success rate of this hacking tool is recorded as 93% and the time recorded for hacking each account with this password sniper is 109 which is quite extraordinary. Forget the accounts for which we have low security and can be easily hacked.

In fact, Facebook Password Sniper can even hack the accounts with higher security depending on how good you are at using this.

Disclaimer: This guide is solely made for the educational purposes. We do not own mean any harm to any of the Facebook users out there. Also, we do not own the responsibility of someone who is misusing the tool because there will always be people like that. So make sure that you learn, use it in a good way and have fun.

The Rainbow Table and its Background:

Even though without an IT background, it would be quite hard to understand for people, still we would make it as easier as we can for you. So first, let us elaborate the definition of the Rainbow Table method which is the main game behind the Facebook Password Sniper.

All the data which goes online is stored in the databases which are at the backend of the service providers. All the passwords are stored in these databases and if they security at the backend is not very strong, tools like Facebook Password Sniper can always invade them and hack the passwords.

facebook password sniper

In the Rainbow Table, there is a pre-computed table with which you can reverse the cryptographic hash functions. Its most common use is in the cracking of the password hashes. These tables, however, can hack a password up to a certain limit and that is why most services ask you to keep a stronger password.

All the dangers can be avoided online if people properly follow the instructions for keeping passwords but not all of them do and that is when they come vulnerable. Well, instead of storing the passwords in the text form, the services save these in the form of cryptographic hashes.

If your password is not strong enough, a hacker would easily match some hashes with your password and know the actual one. When you enter your password in the form of hashes, it synchronizes with the one at the backend and this is how you log in.

Using the Rainbow Table method, a hacker would do the same and thus, he will get your password. Well, this is some little history behind the stuff. Let us now move on to the main thing which is the main hacking process.

How to Hack Facebook with Facebook Password Sniper? A Step-by-Step Guide:

Even though the hacking process of Facebook with this method is quite an easy method, you may face some problems at the end. This is not a free method unless you are very lucky and we are going to elaborate, how?

Before the latest version of the Facebook Sniper Tool on the official website, you had to download it and then use it. There were a lot of issues behind it so the developers transformed into a website-based method.

Now, you will be hacking your target by going on to the website, putting his/her profile in the tool, it will hack the password for you, and then complete an offer to get that password. So this was just a synopsis of the process and let us now take you the step-by-step guide.

Note: As we have mentioned that this is not a free method and you will need to complete some offer for getting the hacked password. For that, make sure that you have an online credit or master card so that you can purchase the offer. Also, there are some countries where that offer will not be available. In such case, you will be provided with an alternative offer.

  • For the first step, login into your Facebook profile and then go to the profile of your target whose password you want to hack.

facebook password sniper

  • Once you are in the profile of your target, simply copy his profile address from the address bar.
  • For instance, if your target’s profile is facebook.com/faizi121, you only need to copy the faizi121 which is the username of the profile and this is it.
  • Now once you have copied this link, the next step is to go to the official website of the tool where its online and latest version is present. Click Here To Visit.
  • Move down the page and you will see a bar asking you to enter the profile link or name in it.

facebook password sniper

  • Paste the link in this bar and now you will need to click on the Start
  • Clicking on this button will start the Rainbow Method at the backend and the tool will generate the password.
  • This could take few minutes to complete so be patient until it is done.
  • Once the process is done and it has generated the password, it will ask you for the verification code.

Now, this verification code is the part where you will need to pay some price. You cannot get this for free and to get it, you will need to complete an offer. To start with that, click on the available ‘get it here’ button. Once you click this button, you will be promoted to the offers page.

Here, it is possible that the current offer package may not be available for your country. Well, you do not have to worry about that since the tool will then give you an alternative verification option. Now how do you complete that offer? Well, let us take you to that now.

How to get the verification code for Facebook Password Sniper?

When you will proceed to the offer page and if there is not any offer available for your country, you will be provided with an alternate offer. In our case, the main offer was no available so we had to go through the alternative. Well, let us show how the most common alternative offer which is posting the comments on YouTube works.

  • The offer will ask you to open the four available YouTube video links one-by-one.
  • Once you have opened the links, it will also tell you to copy the comment by the thumbnail of the videos and comment this copied comment under each video on YouTube.
  • This offer may differ for different people. For instance, it may ask some of you to do it differently.
  • However, the exact steps about the offer are already in the guide so make sure that you follow them as they are given.
  • Once you have followed all the steps, come back to this offer page.
  • Now enter your YouTube username and email id in the given boxes at the end of the post.
  • Once you have entered these credentials, it will require you to wait for 15 minutes before they mail you the verification code.

Now, all that’s remaining is to wait for the verification code to be received in your mail. Once you have, get back to the main page and enter it to finally get the hacked password.

Facebook Password Sniper 2018 Review:

Among some of the easiest methods to hack Facebook, we rank this as the top one. This is a tool which helps you get rid of all the phishing tools where most of them don’t work and some which work, ask you to do a lot of work behind. With this tool, you get rid of all that stuff of baiting the targets and simply do thing on your own.

A problem which a tool like Password Sniper solves is that it saves you all the trouble of convincing the target to open the phishing links and enter their credentials. Instead, you just copy the links of their profiles and enter in the tool to start working.

Also, the tool started with an app version which was available in both the Android forms where you could get the Facebook Password Sniper APK and install it. As for the desktop version, you would simply download the software while rest of the process was same as it is now.

Later, due to the bugs and problems where were happening on the apps, the developers had to remove them and had to move on to the website version. Now it has been made even easier and you are getting what we told you through the rest of the guide.

One of the thing which we see most people asking about is whether they can get the verification code without doing the survey. Well, let us be very clear on that. No, you can get Facebook password Sniper verification code without survey. It is because of the advanced process it uses and the developers have to get some benefit from you.

So in this Facebook Password Sniper Review, we tried to make our point that why this is the best software out there for hacking the Facebook passwords. Well, there is still some interesting stuff to take care of so let us move on to our next checkpoint.

Facebook Password Sniper Facts:

We are all done with our stuff on Facebook Sniper including its introduction, the history of use of the method behind it, how it works, and we also told you how to get the verification code for it. At the end, we will just be telling you some of the facts which are related to this Facebook hacking tool. They are listed below:

  • Most of the users are always concerned about the success rate of a hacking tool and so does the Facebook Password Sniper users. Well, as for the success rate of this tool, it is recorded that it works about 93% of the times and this is very amazing.
  • The reason for its accuracy are those 95% Facebook accounts which are secured poorly. They either have some weaker passwords or they haven’t been touched for days and these are the things which make this tool successful.
  • Also, the users stay concerned about the hacking time as well. Well, as for this tool, it doesn’t take longer since it would only take 109 seconds for it to generate the password. After the generation of password, once you have completed the offer, it would take about 15 minutes to send you the verification code.
  • If the paid offer is available for your country and you get it, you will get the code instantly. Otherwise, with the alternate method, you will have to wait for 15 minutes to get the mail.
  • You can also redo the process if you made any mistakes during the first attempt.

So this is all about this amazing Facebook hacking tool called Facebook Password Sniper. Get to us back with your queries and feedback. Stay tuned for more!